Fruit & Vege Co-op


Please register and pay for your next pack on Wednesdays between 10-12noon at the office behind St Martin's Church.

Pay $15 each Wednesday if you wish to order for the next week

No payment, No Fruit & Vege

Bargain prices!

Estimated to be worth double what you’ll pay

Packs are different each week (with seasonal produce) and come made up

You are unable to pick and choose

If you fail to pick up your pack on the Wednesday, it will be passed on to a needy family

No refunds given

This is another great way to connect with and serve our community

If you are able to help on Wednesday morning to pick-up our packs from Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church on Downing Street, or with distribution from our church (even on a once-a-month roster), then please speak with Joan for more information.

Neither tasks are onerous or complicated

Please talk this up with family, friends, and neighbours